New Generation in Stature Lengthening

Now you can increase your height with our JustTall ® method

Without external fixation

Less Harmful Surgery

Stature lengthening surgery is a procedure for people who want to be taller. In the Downey Institute, we wish to inform those interested in this treatment to make informed decisions about their treatment.

Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, height lengthening can cause pain and chronic disability. At the Downey Institute, safety is our top priority. The main factor in increasing height is safety.


We always use the most advanced technology available, such as the NuVasive PRECICE intramedullary nail, a new device in limb lengthening techniques.


If you need surgery, you may decide that the PRECICE nail is a good option for you. On the contrary, before surgery, you should request an initial consultation (free) to make an assessment and make sure you are as prepared as possible for this complex surgery.


1- Leg-length discrepancies can be present at birth or they can develop after a fracture or a traumatic injury. Children may suffer an injury that damages their growth plate and, as the child continues to grow, the discrepancy may increase slowly.

2- People dissatisfied with their current height, due to bone dysplasia or constitutional short stature.

New Devices and Materials

NuVasive offers an integrated product for minimally invasive procedures. It consists of:

Aumento de estatura-clavo-intramedular-metodo-just-tall


The PRECICE intramedullary nail, a pioneer in limb lengthening techniques

Aumento de estatura-iman-metodo-just-tall


The external remote control directs the elongation of the nail and your bones.

Phases of the Method

fases-metodo- just-tall-aumento-de-estatura

Stature lengthening at the Downey Institute is divided into two main phases: distraction phase and consolidation phase.

1. Distraction phase:

After the surgery, the lengthening will start (the distraction phase).

During this period, you will have to apply the external remote control to elongate the nail and your bones.

2. Consolidation phase:

Once you reach the desired length, you will enter the consolidation phase. In this phase, no additional adjustments are made to the PRECICE and the new bone is allowed to grow in.

Height increase surgery includes the following steps:


1. Initial Consultation

The patient comes to our clinic and preparation for surgery begins


2. Surgery and Hospitalization

Phase in which the nail is inserted. 2-3 days later , the patient is discharged and can go home.


3. Distraction phase

After about a week, the patient returns for a second visit to the clinic.


4. Consolidation phase

When the desired height is reached, the bone is no longer lengthened.
Finally, the process ends when the bone has regenerated and is strong.


Physical Therapy

During phases 2,3,4.

The patient will receive the constant attention of a physiotherapist, until the subsequent removal of the nails.


Removal of the nails

Phase that will depend on the progress of each patient.

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