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Clubfoot Correction

We perform the Ponseti Method – serial casting without major surgery – and bring the foot into a normal, corrected, position.


Stature Lengthening

Increase in your height with our JustTall ® method in which we lengthen bones with internal magnetic lengthening nails.

We specialize in bone deformity correction.

We change the perception of surgery through innovative and minimally invasive solutions.

This translates into reduced surgical times, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to normal activities.

We offer personalized attention and support in all stages of treatment.

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Clubfoot Correction

We prepare your child´s feet for everyday life.

We perform the Ponseti Method, the most highly effective and non-invasive treatment that straightens your child´s feet in 8 weeks. 

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Instituto Downey aumento de estatura con el metodo just tall
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Stature Lengthening

Reach your desired height with us.

We apply the JustTall ® Method, for stature lengthening with state-of-the-art intramedullary magnetic bone lengthening nails.


You do an unbeatable job, excellent professionals, you have changed my life and allowed me to walk, for me it was a miracle to find you.

Andrea Luna

“ I’ve known him since he started training as an orthopedic surgeon, going from being a curious resident to being a respected Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. His interest and dedication continue to this day. It is a real privilege to be able to work with him. ”

Dr. David Farrington


Great professional …… I still remember with emotion when my five-year-old son asked you if his toes would grow and naturally you explained that no, but that he would be able to do whatever he wanted … A hug for Dr. Javier Downey

Maria Belén Borrego

Downey Institute

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